Thoughts Are Often Like Farts!

I was asked recently by someone who has been on the path of Awareness why some subjects are so much harder to deal with, why some subjects seem to flip you out of awareness compared to others? She said that it appears that some subjects seem to be so easy to recognize for what they are; that she sees when the mind gets charged up but she does not get charged up with them. She wanted to know what was the difference? I thought this was an amazing question; one that was worth posting because I know that many people on the path experience this. I know I did my fair share of this (and still do, from time to time).

The answer is much more simple that you would think. The reason why we often give so much power to a specific thought train is because we have given a tremendous amount of power to it in the past, and when it arises in the present, because of our past engagement, we are calling it ‘serious’ in the present as well.
First of all, no thought is serious. You may have called it that in the past, you may continue to call it that in the present; however, you are the one that has called it serious. The mind has only done what you set it up to do, and it has done what every mind does; the mind has had a power and control game with that specific subject. Now, you are in present day, the subject has arisen again for some reason, and because of the past engagement, you are off and running with it once again.

People, let me tell you this: in Self Awareness you see the mind and its antics for what it is, and you go on about your business. You see that the mind is only doing what the mind does naturally, so please stop buying into the bullshit.

I know what I am about to say may sound crude to some, but the ones that know me personally will only chuckle! Thoughts are like farts. Some are loud, some are silent but deadly, some sneak in and pass without anyone getting upset and then some sneak in a disrupt the whole system! But no one has died from or been injured by one. Also, another way thoughts are like farts, once they have been let out the gate, you have to deal with them until they pass, and they ALWAYS pass!

Stop taking your thoughts so seriously, you will be much happier and peaceful for it!

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