The Spirituality of Oneness

As you are looking around today, outside of yourself, look deeper than the surface; you will begin to see that we are all ONE. Yes, the surface looks very different, and sometimes the expression of the ONE may even be different. Don’t let appearances or expressions fool you. Man’s religions, and the mind, are banking on you to continue to buy into separation and differences; its very existence depends on it. As you begin to see the Oneness, and relate from the place of Oneness, judgment becomes silly. As you begin to see the inter-connectedness, the outside disconnectedness becomes part of the game rather than something that is supporting ‘me versus them.’ We are all players on the same game board; all at different places in the game, and each have chosen our own tokens to play the game with, but those things are irrelevant. Oneness is a path to understanding, compassion, and love. Oneness is the spiritual expression that accepts diversity and differences. Oneness will shine light and illuminate everything.

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