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Every cell in our being is brilliant. Every cell in our body is innately intelligent. Now, if we would just get out of the way and allow that brilliant intelligence to express itself, our problems would disappear!

I would like to use Quantum Physics to explain the above paragraph.
First of all, every cell in your body is so complex, and multi-faceted. Yes, every cell in your being is ‘blue-printed’ through your genetic disposition; however, this is only one aspect of this multi-dimensional being. Also, each cell is a ‘receiver’ of information, as well as a ‘translator.’ It collects information from outside sources, translates the information received, and in response to this information received sends messages to other cells in the body. Basically, there are only two messages it receives or sends out: 1) fight or flight/preserve and protect, and 2) flourish, evolve, transform, grow, and expand. Secondly, each cell is a fragment of something larger. If a cell is a microcosm, your whole being would be the macrocosm. In other words, whatever is going on with ‘you’ is going on within each of your cells. If you are experiencing stress, your cells are stressed, etc.

Relating to spiritual maturity, why is this significant to know?

I have written many times about the difference between pre-destination and pre-disposition. Yes, many things are pre-disposed, but absolutely nothing is pre-destined. The medical community would tell us differently, especially relating to genetic ‘blue-printing.’ The medical community and the pharmaceutical community makes billions of dollars each year from your belief in that hype. Yes, you may be pre-disposed genetically, but nothing is written in stone. Actually, the opposite is more accurate. Even though your cells may be pre-disposed to being a certain way, that cell wants to flourish, evolve, grow and expand, and if the circumstances and stimuli are present for those things to occur, the pre-disposition will be irrelevant.

Yes, every cell wants to flourish, wants to evolve and be better than it ever was. It wants to grow stronger, it wants to expand and be more than it ever was. It wants to be the best it can be. It wants to be all that it can be, and that does not mean to reach a plateau and then stop. It continues being all that it can be, and once it reaches that ‘point,’ it continues to improve from there, again being all that it can be, again.

It is worth noting here; the cell can only do one thing at a time. It is either in fight or flight mode or it is in flourish mode, but it can not do both at the same time.

Still wondering why, relating to spiritual maturity, this is significant to know?

A cell receives information from two sources. A small amount of information comes from outside stimuli (such as when your eyes naturally squint as they adjust to sudden light), but the majority of information is directly sent from the thinker, the being that is having the experience. So, then the question arises, “who is the being that is having the experience?”

Until Self Awareness has developed, the being is the conditioned, thinking mind. The being that is having the experience is the being that has been conditioned by its parents, its teachers, its society. That being is already pre-programmed how to think, how to interpret, how to judge. Therefore, the message being sent to the cell is a pre-recorded message, and in many cases, the pre-recorded message is not true or accurate. In many cases, the pre-recorded message automatically sends the message of fight or flight, preserve or protect.

This is not a an optimal way to live; it is not living up to your birthright as a Divine, Spiritual, Creative Being that is perfection, living in a perfect moment, creating more perfection as it exists!

Now, if you would just get out of the way and allow that brilliant intelligence to express itself, your problems would disappear! Actually, your problems would not need to disappear, because they would not exist in the first place. It is the conditioned, thinking mind, and only the conditioned, thinking mind that labels something as a problem. When you have gotten out of the way; i.e. moved beyond the thinking, conditioned mind, you see the perfection of the moment and all is well. From the macrocosm perspective, the message the being is receiving and relaying is perfection; therefore, within the microcosm of the cell, the message is thrive, flourish, expand, evolve, grow, etc. The opposite is also true. When something has been labelled a problem, in many cases the message being sent is fight or flight, preserve or protect. In that moment, from the microcosm perspective the cell is also in fight or flight, preserve or protect mode. This mode is normal and natural; it is part of the natural intelligence. However, it is not normal for a person as a whole, or a person’s cells, to stay in that mode. Ultimately, this is the beginning of dis-ease and dis-order in the body and mind. Ultimately, this can be the beginning of a dismal journey, and the beginning of a dismal end.

But again, nothing is pre-destined. You have the power to change anything in your life that you want to change. You have the power to affect what is, alter it through your perspective, and therefore create a different effect or ripple inside yourself and inside each cell. Yes, you create your reality through your thoughts, your perspectives, and your beliefs, and moving beyond the conditioned self into someone who is Self Aware is a move towards perfection expressing itself easily and gracefully. It is a move towards simplicity. There is nothing mystical or mysterious about it, this is why we have heard for centuries from the greatest teachers, “a man is as he thinks.”

So, can we challenge ourselves to become Self Aware? Can we challenge ourselves to live beyond our conditionings? Can we challenge ourselves to be all that we can be? Can we challenge ourselves to live beyond the pre-disposed cell and be the Divine, Spiritual, Creative Beings that see the perfection, live in the perfection, and create more perfection as we exist?
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