Remember…There Is A Big Picture!

One of the biggest reminders that I am constantly giving my life coaching clients is to remember that there is a bigger picture taking place; that life is a process, a journey, and to not judge the process while things are in process.

I see so many people actively making changes in their lives, and as life is unfolding just the way they are asking for it, they begin to judge it while it is in process. People, listen to me for just a minute. Existence/God hears your request, and it knows the seeds that you are planting. Life is more than willing to give you what you desire, but in the game of life, there is a process to it completely unfolding. Sometimes you can help with that process and other times it is best if you stay out of the way and let it unfold.

I have often used the analogy of ‘being the good gardener.’ A good gardener decides what he/she wants to grow, prepares the soil, plants the seeds, nurtures everything as it is growing, and understands that it takes time for things to mature. They leave the rest to nature, and Nature takes care of it!

You Ultimately ONLY Have This Moment
Yes, that statement is beyond truth. We do only have this moment. It is about constantly answering the call of this moment. With that being said, there is nothing wrong with looking at the big picture, actually it can be beneficial. I will use this as an example of my point.

Let’s say you are taking a road trip to someplace that you have never been. It is beneficial to look at a map, and map out your course. It is beneficial to know where you are beginning, and what roads you will take that will get you to your destination. But once that is done, you still have to be aware of each moment. You have to be alert to what is happening around you. You have to know where you are, and have some sort of idea about what is coming down the pike, so that you can stay on track. You are looking at the big picture, but yet as soon as you do, then bring your awareness back to the present moment. You keep going, and you may glance back at the big picture, and then back to the present moment. If you stay focused only on the big picture, or what is coming down the pike, there is a greater propensity to lose control of the vehicle in the present moment. Look at the big picture, but then bring your awareness back to the present!

Another Pit-fall To Be Aware Of…

Many times I see people never looking at where they want the final destination to be. They are so focused on ‘not liking where they are’ that they just want to be somewhere else entirely different. That too is a formula for disaster! In the game of life it does take planning. Realize where you are, decide where you want to go, plan accordingly, set your course, and then take one step at a time. If you were using a GPS system to help you get somewhere, you have to know precisely where you are starting, and you have to know precisely where you are going for the GPS system to benefit you. If you do not have that information, you are going to be driving around just willy nilly, but never getting anywhere!

Not Liking Where You Are? Judging Where You Are?
Be careful of this one! Judgment is another expression of no awareness or unconsciousness. In many situations, if awareness and/or consciousness had been used previously, most likely you would not be where you are today. But that being said, you are here now, so do not make the same mistake twice. Just because you arrived with no awareness, you can leave with awareness, but judgment is going to keep you in a place of no awareness. It is natural for the mind to judge, and in many situations we use judgement to discern; however, be careful of the judgement that involves “this should not be!” This translates to be a power and control game that you are having with the moment or situation that you are in. You may want to move somewhere else, or be somewhere else, or have something else to happen, but that involves the future. You are here now, accept that, and allow the change to evolve.

Back to the travel example…
Let’s say you are lost, that you made the wrong turn somewhere; is judging where you are, or judging yourself for where you are, going to get you to where you want to go any faster, or is it going to delay your moving forward? I think you know the answer to that question, but I did think that it was worth noting.

Have We Become So Used To The Idea That Fast Is Better?

I have often wondered if we have gotten so used to ‘fast everything’ (fast food, fast internet, fast cars, fast travel, etc.) that we have forgotten the deliciousness of time? Have we become so accustomed to fast that we have forgotten natural timing, and the gifts that time gives us; for example, time to prepare? In the big picture time is an illusion, but in the game of life, timing is everything. You find time in nature. Nature is based upon the law of cycles and the law of gestation (which are both part of time), and since we are a part of nature, everything we are is also governed by these same laws. Begin to start working with time, begin to use the clock to help you achieve your goals and destinations, but also remember the clock and remember cycles and timing within the big picture.

Going back to the ‘good gardener’ example…
This past year, we planted 12 tomato plants all at the same time, on the same day. When they began to be ripen, the largest part of the crop all ripened at the same time. We were eating tomatoes with everything. We were making sauces to freeze. We canned and we canned. Now, this gave us an idea of next year; our plan is to stagger the planting process. It is our desire that we have the same crop to harvest, but not coming in all at the same time. This would allow us to enjoy them longer, and we would not be so rushed when the crop is ready to harvest. You see, we are hoping to use clock time to work for us, and to help us out in the future; but without the past as an example to go by, we would not have had that awareness.

Don’t Forget This Part…
This world is governed by natural laws; one of those laws is the ‘Law of Balance’ and the ‘Law of Polarity.’ Why is this worth noting in this post? Simply because if you are having a problem or a question about something, the solution or the answer is born with it. You cannot have one without the other. If you are only seeing one, without the other, you are not looking at the big picture. It could be that you are so focused on the problem or the question that you are not allowing the solution or the answer into your life. Step back from it for awhile, allow the solution or the answer to come to you. It’s already there, begin to KNOW this, and it always comes.

If You Look At The Big Picture, Don’t Let The Mind Freak You Out!
I am helping someone organize their home. We are organizing closets, de-cluttering, etc. I am helping them because they had become overwhelmed with the whole situation; they had listened to the mind, those thoughts had created fear, anger and sadness, and before they knew it, they did not know where to begin. From their perspective, it took an outsider to be able to come in and look at everything objectively to know where to start. There is some validity to that; however, they could have done the same thing for themselves if they would have looked at the situation through the eyes of awareness. Yes, whatever you are looking at may seem big. It may take time, effort and the ability to focus. You may even need help, or having help may make the job easier, but you could start the process with awareness! In real life, you would not consider trying to force one leg to begin to step forward before you have completed the step that is in front of you! This holds true with the point that I am making with this post. I want you to look at the big picture, but then put your focus right where you are, be total with that, practice awareness in that moment, before you move to the next step.

I want you to think back to a time when you were putting together a puzzle. Luckily having the box top, you were able to see what the final picture would look like. However, even having that finished product in your mind; how many times have you looked at a single piece of the the puzzle and been completely puzzled by what you were seeing in that single piece? Once you were able to place the piece where it belonged, you were able to see how it fit in. However, prior to that it may not have looked like something totally different. The mind will tell you this piece looks like _______, but in actuality it is a _________. Be mindful of that!

So, Here Is A Formula To Use As A Guideline
1) Have awareness of where you are in this moment.
2) Accept where you are in this moment. Practice Awareness
3) Decide where you want to go, be or have. Practice Awareness and drop the judgment.
4) Look at the big picture, what do you have to do to have it or get you there? What do you have to do to create a ‘fertile ground’ for it to grow in? Practice Awareness
5) What is the best route to get you there? Practice Awareness and drop the judgement.
6) Get out of the way of the Universe and let the Universe do what it does best. Practice Awareness and drop the judgment.
7) Constantly observe the mind through the whole process and journey.
8) Enjoy the process and the journey. Practice Awareness and drop the judgment.

If you hadn’t noticed; practicing Awareness and dropping the judgment is a key component to the whole journey of Awareness.

I certainly hope this gives you something to be with/think about. I hope that it helps you as you embark on the journey to wherever you are going/being. And, I truly hope that it helps bring Awareness to you in an area where you have fallen off the Awareness train.

Much love and Namaste…

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