Questions & Answers Are Part of the Game of Life

In the game called life, you will constantly find yourself in a series of questions and answers. Some will be about the moment at hand, and other times, it will be about life altering decisions. The questioning is normal, and natural; I think you would be dead if you and this process stopped. Something that will help you through the energy (what some call chaos) that arises from questioning is a knowingness that if you are questioning, your answer will always come. You cannot have one without the other. Another thing that can support you is to realize that the question arises from the mind but the answer will come from another place. Yes, the mind will translate it for you once the answer comes, but the answer will not come from the mind. The best thing to do once you have asked the question is to get out of your head about the question, watch your thoughts, give attention to how you are feeling, and let the answer come to you in its own time. You will be ready to hear the answer at that time and not a moment before. Acting and behaving in this manner exemplifies knowingness that Life always supports Life. It also shows faith, and with continued practice of this, much of the power and control game that the mind loves, seems to drop away, and you will experience greater peace.

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  1. Deep Thinker says:

    Life supports life is exactly how I feel. That is why I get frustrated with abortion, when life literally does not support life. I’m sure you feel the same way. How do you cope with abortion my friend? Would love some insight. Be good. Paul

    • Vedam says:

      Paul, I am on my way out of town. I really want to address this, but it could take a few days to get back to you on this. Stay in touch and I will as well.

    • Vedam says:

      Paul, I decided to answer this before I left town, and here is my response…
      Dear Paul,
      The philosophy of “Life Supporting Life” is a concept and reality about nature and its process of evolution. Encompassed in this concept/reality is the life/death dance that takes place. That also encompasses the appearance of death, and in that dying process the thing that appears to die actually gives life to another thing. In reality, there is no death, even though things appear to die. There is a circle, a completion, so to speak; things come into existence for a time on this planet and when that circle is completing, those things leave their existence on this planet.
      Abortion has so many qualities that are encompassed in the happening; the health of the unborn child, the health of the mother, etc. There are actual aspects such as those that I have mentioned, and then moral and ethical belief systems are dumped on top of it as well. However, moral and ethical belief systems are just that, belief systems! The mind has gotten involved and no matter how you try to make it fit, the mind has a very limited capacity on any subject, not just abortion.
      Understanding the mind, how it functions, and why it functions the way that it does allow us to see the bigger picture. I always come back to one point; ‘free will and free choice.’ Each person has the right to choose what is best for them and the situation at hand. Encompassed in that is the knowingness that Spirit will not judge us for the choices that we make, or set us up to possibly make the choice that is ‘wrong’ and then punish us for making that choice. There is nothing inside of me that thinks or believes Spirit works in that way. God does not judge and since we are part of God, there is an aspect of us that does not judge as well. If there is judgment taking place, we have to understand that it is the mind that is judging, not our Divinity.
      So, to answer your question and to fill you in on me and my thought processes; no, I do not agree or have issues with abortion. I believe that everyone has the right to make their choices and there are no punishments given because of those choices made. Yes, I do believe in cause and effect. Everything has an echo to it, everything has a ripple effect, and in that, there is a ripple in the abortion process as well. The person that is choosing to abort a child will have a ripple effect, but that is not my journey to judge that ripple as good or bad, it just is. I also believe in the law of balance, and the Universe has been keeping things balanced for millennia.
      I also see that you were looking for someone to agree with you, and I am sorry that I cannot do that for you. I am sorry for possibly triggering you, but I also believe that if you are being affected by these happening, it has more to do with you and your thinking process than it does on the subject matter being thought about. I am not trying to change your thought processes, but I am offering you a thought process that is not based upon judgment. If you would like to talk to me more about this, I am open to that as well.
      Love and peace

      • Deep Thinker says:

        Dear Vedam,
        I want to thank you for taking the time to write such an insightful and caring response, expecially since you were presssed for time. So, I respect that. I respect your right to your belief system, thought process, etc. I do not agree with any of it, which is fine. I’m not offended by other’s beliefs. It’s your right. I will admit I was NOT looking for agreement. My thought process was you would NOT agree with me, and I was curious to hear your reasoning. Thank you sir. But though we will never agree on most of what you or I may say, possibly we agree on the notion that it’s very easy to have acceptance, forgiveness and love for those who see things as we do, but very hard to have it for those with people who do NOT. That is what I am working on. No need to go further, for we will debate for years, because you can think my friend. So let’s just call it two people with polar opposite views respecting each other’s right to them, and just leave it at that. I wish you the best. Continue to care, my friend! Paul

      • Vedam says:

        Paul, I am back in town now and wanted to thank you for exemplifying the fact that two people can disagree on a subject and still remain friends. I really appreciate that.
        Stay in touch, stay tuned to the blog, and who knows, maybe one day, we will meet.
        peace bro.

  2. Vedam says:

    Chetan, I decided to answer this in an article. You can find that article at

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  4. Vedam says:

    Chetan, I will get back to you on this when I am home and on my keyboard and not my phone.

  5. Chetan says:

    As usual, I love what you wrote here. However, I do have one question here. What exactally does it mean when you say life always supports life? Can you break that down for me a bit?

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