Protesting Is Futile

Protesting against something is futile! You cannot beat the drum against something and not expect to hear the beat! If more people would understand this truth, this premise, the world would begin to look very differently.

Anti-War. Anti-Abortion. Anti-Gay marriage. Anti-Drugs. Anti-Aging. Anti-Diarrheal. The war against war. The war against recession. The war against cancer, leukemia, AIDS… There are so many people beating drums; opposing this, that, and the other thing that it sounds like a drum festival at a “Burning Man” celebration.

“You cannot fight for peace anymore than you can f**k for virginity.”

As I was thinking about this post, I began to do some research on the subject. I found that searching on Google alone, there were 1,500,000 global searches and 823,000 local searches just last month protesting a myriad of topics. Yes, I know, if you turn on the news on any given night, you can find many things wrong with this world. It’s crazy, I know it; however, if you take just a moment to change your focus, you can find a tremendous amount of things that are right with the world.

And besides, think back in history, any history, it doesn’t matter which one; have you ever seen an ‘anti-anything’ change the fact? Has the war against war stopped war? Has the war against crime stopped crime? Has the war against any disease cured it? I think we both know the answer to that. Some things have changed over time, but not from protesting it, but rather from Awareness happening around the subject or the people involved! And think about this; in most situations throughout history, when you begin to raise your fist at something, or you begin a war with something, what happens? It fights back!

Where You Place Your Focus…Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

This is not a new theory. Actually, some would say that it is no longer a theory, but fact. As a life coach, I share and teach this premise to every client; what they do with it is up to them. I am a firm believer that people create their realities with their thoughts. I have shown many people that their life is the way that it is because of where they are placing their focus, and how they are thinking and feeling about the situation. Some get it, and some don’t. The ones that begin to open up to the idea, I continue to show them that when they can change their focus, the perspective on a situation, the situation begins to change all on its own. People are amazed when they begin to see this, and this little bit of knowledge begins to create a much more self aware person. They begin the practice of watching their thoughts, and observing how they are thinking and feeling about a subject. They begin to watch themselves, and their thought processes around any specific subject, and they soon begin to realize that they are seeing their thoughts manifesting right before their eyes. Some even begin to realize how conflicting their thoughts are about a specific subject (like money, relationships, or sex), and soon realize why things teeter-totter back and forth for them relating to that subject. They realize that their conflicting thoughts are creating conflicting realities.

Some even realize the extent of the duality in their thoughts because of the different belief systems they have been taught and believe. They begin to investigate their belief systems and either let go of the ones that no longer work, or embrace the ones that seem to support them.

Practice, Practice, Practice
This practice does take practice; constant, vigilant practice. However, this practice offers more to them than they ever expected. This constant practice allows them to see the thoughts, their belief systems, and the realization that no thought has any power, other than the power that they are giving it in the moment. The practice of observing their thoughts begins to liberate them from the thoughts that are based in fear, rage, an old way of thinking, etc., and allows them to pick and choose the thoughts they wish to participate with. This also allows them to have more focused energy on those thoughts because they are not wasting precious energy on those old thought patterns.

The Old Way Of Thinking Is Easy
As I said, it takes practice to be able to watch your thoughts and it is extremely easy to think, and think about things in the way that you have been taught. The old way of thinking and being has become a habit, simply because you have done it over and over again. However, just because you have done something and it has become a habit does not make it supportive, but rather rote. Think about any habit that you have attempted to change, it doesn’t matter what it is, it takes awareness to see a habit about to happen again and do something different. This is no different!

Embracing Change
Neurologically speaking, an old way of being is more than just an old way of being. An old way of being has created neurological pathways in the brain/mind that fire anytime you are faced with an old, similar situation. Those ‘neurological firings’ happen without any conscious participation, and when they do, it is as if you are a puppet on the strings of your mind. As you begin to change an old way of being, and embrace a new practice, you have to do something new and be something new even while those neurological firings are happening. You see, as you are doing and being something new, you are also creating new neurological pathways in your mind.

It Is Worth Noting…
The old pathways have dug a deep ditch (so to speak) inside the mind. Even though doing and being something new begins to create new pathways, the new pathways are not as formed (deep) as the old ones, and continued practice has to be continually practiced for the new way of being to become a new way of being! After all, you are worth it! No one can do it for you; you have to be the one to make the changes in your life, so again, practice, practice, practice!

I Know It Is Easy To…
I know it is easy to recognize what it wrong in the world. I know that it is easy to want to fight with, conquer, and change what is wrong with the world. However, fighting and conquering, beating something into submission is not going to help or change the fact. History has proven that does not change things. So what do you do?

Being The Change
First of all, I have found that you have to acknowledge your own old thoughts and feelings about what you are seeing. Acknowledging something does not mean you have to do anything with it other than acknowledge it. Acknowledge that an old way of being has once again come to the forefront of your mind, but then drop it. After it has been dropped, be the change you want to see. For example if you think that there is too much judgment going on, be a walking, talking example of someone that is accepting and understanding. If you think that there is too much war, be a walking, talking example of someone that is peaceful. Acknowledge your thoughts and feelings relating to the issue or thing that you want to change, and then be the change you want to see.

You Cannot Focus On The Problem And Be The Solution
Know this… the mind is going to want to focus on the problem. The mind is going to want to ruminate on what is wrong; that is quite normal for the mind, it is one of the ways in which the mind operates. That being said, you are not the mind. The mind can do anything it wants and you can still operate differently using another part of the mind. The mind is so multi-functional that you can let the mind ruminate (and observe the mind’s desire to remain focused on the problem), and still be something totally different. Eventually, that part of the mind will get bored being focused on that problem and move onto something else. Sometimes, that part of the mind will eventually catch up to speed with whatever else you are doing and begin to focus on that. That being said, no matter what, BE THE SOLUTION YOU WANT TO SEE!

In Closing…
I truly hope this has shed some light on a new way of being. I truly hope this has helped you understand some basic things about the mind. I also hope that this may help bring about some of the changes that you would like to embrace about yourself and life in general. And last but not least, I hope this offers some Awareness to you around this subject.

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