There Are So Many Paths To Find God

Yesterday, as I was posting You Do Not Have To Suffer, I began to think about the many paths to God. There are endless ways that one could choose to experience the Divine. We have been saturated with this way and that way, and some of them even say that they are the only way. How egotistical is that? However, so many people still buy into that. I have often thought that following an already carved path, one has a greater propensity to get side-tracked because of all of the rules, regulations and dogma that are encapsulated inside that path. I once again urge you to pay attention to how you are feeling in each and every moment because that and only that is your true measure. How you are feeling is going to tell you whether or not you are on the path, fighting against the path or have completely gotten side-tracked off of the path.

As part of the Natural Intelligence of the Universe, each person’s body already has a “GPS” device that informs you whether or not you are traveling on the road to God or not. Your body will tell you if you are experiencing the Divine. Your body will tell you if you are in the flow or not. Paying attention to how you are feeling is much more important than trying to follow this rule and that regulation.

As I have mentioned in other posts, we are born with free-will and free choice. You can choose to follow a tradition that is full of rules and regulations, requirements and needs; that it is up to you, but it is not a necessity. I just want you to begin to see that love is the most direct route; it is fool proof! Love will not only light your way, but it is also a great companion as you are traveling ‘life’s highway.’ Love also feels quite amazing inside the body!

You do not need an ‘ism’ or ‘anity’ to follow to find God, be with God, or to experience God; you were born with everything you need to realize that you are unified with God. Often, the rules and regulations that come along with an ‘ism’ or an ‘anity’ are going to keep you buying into your separation, they are going to keep you distracted as you attempt to jump through the hoops of rules and regulations that have been set up to maintain that religion.

Guys, it is time to begin to realize, and then live from that place that exemplifies, you were born from the Divine and the journey through life is the process of returning to the Divine. You cannot fail. Oh yes, you can flounder, get side-tracked, or distracted, but you will not ever be denied!


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