Letting Yourself Dream In Color

Even though I am an advocate for NOW, I ask you to dream and dream big, and dream in color! I know that the two may sound opposite each other, and they are; however once you hear my point, I think you will understand.

First, let’s elaborate on being an advocate for NOW. When someone is in the Now, they are fully present with whatever is occurring (inside and outside of them); there is complete acceptance and resistance to nothing. When you are in the Now, there is a totality with each moment as it unfolds. However, because of our conditionings and lack of self awareness, those moments are few and far between. Yes, it does happen, but usually people are so engaged with what the mind is doing that it is rare to be in the Now. Being in the Now is something that you can practice until it evolves into a natural state of being.

But as I said, most people are too engaged with the mind, and that is where all of our problems arise. In that habitual action of engagement with the mind, the mind is running the show; we have allowed ourselves to become a victim of the mind. In those moments of giving the power to our thoughts, in most cases we are manifesting the very thing that we are attempting to run away from in the mind.

As I mentioned quite some time ago in You Are The One Giving Your Thoughts Their Power, thoughts do have power, but the power comes from you! Besides practicing presence, you could also practice consciously using your mind by dreaming and dreaming big and colorfully. Let you mind wander about the things that you desire; it could be a material thing or a way of being or relating to yourself or others. Dream about the possibilities and potentials. Fantasize about the type of relationships you would like. Imagine a life that is full on! Conjure up a ‘cohort in crime’ that supports you in all of life, and tells you when you are crazy (and even supports you in the craziness if it is fun). Build your castles in your mind, and manifest them on this Earth.

Guys, you have this great tool, so you just as well use it, and use it consciously. Yes, it takes practice and diligence, but the more practice you give it, the more natural it becomes. I just want more people to practice this, for as they practice, there is more peace and more happiness. As each person has more of these things, those things multiply and spread, which makes this a happier and more peaceful place to exist!

Much love and namaste…

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