Self Improvement & Personal Development Through Life Coaching

I have been writing this whole month of one topic: “Be All That I Can Be!” I wanted to start this year offering information that anyone could benefit from, regardless of your race, sex, religious beliefs or anything else for that matter. After all, the main reason I became a life coach was because I want to help people, and I want people to experience the peace that is available to them. I want people to live beyond their conditionings, and the belief systems that those conditionings have set into place. I do want people to be all that they can be! For most of my adult life, I have been rooted in the search for self improvement, personal growth, personal development, and personal empowerment, and I looked everywhere. I searched the globe looking for God; I searched for peace. I looked for ways that you could use the mind, but not be caught in the limitations that naturally come with the mind. I have spent a lifetime in these pursuits, and I love sharing what I have come to realize from those pursuits.

I know for myself, most of what I found did have some benefit; however, nothing really grounded me until I had an understanding of how the mind works. I have also found in working with clients in my life coaching practice, they too greatly benefit from understanding the mind, and it’s functions.

As I begin to work with my clients, I share and teach these premises early on, because we refer back to this information often throughout our sessions. I share with them how the thinking mind is created through conditionings, and their conditionings create the belief systems that are running their lives. I show them that their feelings they experience are coming from their thoughts, and that they are nothing to run from. As I share this information with them, I am also reminding them to observe the mind, I remind them to watch the thoughts that are happening, to watch the feelings that those thoughts are creating; I remind them to begin to use the same techniques throughout the day that they are using during meditation. As this occurs, something begins to change; they begin to see the mind as the separate entity that it is, the self identification that once was begins to change. A person begins to see the ego, they begin to understand the ego, and they soon become empowered to respond to a situation that once would have had them in reaction mode. It is my desire to point them in the direction of personal empowerment. It is my desire not to have a client reliant on me, but give them the knowledge to be able to see for themselves what is happening.

I share with them what I call ‘simple psychology.’ You do not need a psychology degree to understand these premises. I have found a way to help you understand in an easy, and concise way, what is happening. I have found a way to help you realize why you are being triggered by any given situation. I have found that in many situations, once you have an understanding of what is happening, then you can truly decide if you want to respond or not.

Life Coaching is different than typical, or conventional therapy. It is not about ‘digging through a trashcan of your past!’ It is about Awareness! It is about response. It is about seeing what is happening, realizing why the mind is engaged, seeing why you habitually have gone one way or another in the past, and then remembering that today is a new day, that this is a new situation, and you can respond rather than react. It is about seeing that you are not your mind. It is about realizing that the mind is something to be used, not something to be used by, or held captive by. Life Coaching is about having the support of an unbiassed person that reminds, and supports you to be all that you can be. In many situations, life coaching is about having someone or something to be accountable to until you realize that your peace is what is most important.

Life Coaching is a tool that will support you to be all that you can be. Life Coaching is a tool to support the natural evolution that a person experiences in the journey of self discovery and self empowerment. Life Coaching is about understanding the mind, and beginning to work with it, use it, as well as living beyond it. Life Coaching with me will also remind you that you only have this moment; all other moments have either gone and not gotten here, and as you answer the call of this moment with Awareness, that same Awareness will trickle into the next moment, and peace becomes the prominent emotion. Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with you!

Much Love & Namaste…

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