You Go, Girls, Stand By Your Man; Nuns Challenge The Vatican

We have lived in a patriarchal world for thousands of years. Some say that the world is in the shape that it is in because of the patriarchal systems that have been established by our male leaders. Some even say that the world is not going to evolve for the better until the pendulum swings, and the sacred feminine is deeply rooted in our society; they say that women are going to save this planet. I am not sure that women are going to save the world per se; however, I strongly believe there are certain qualities, behaviors, ways of being, etc. that could be classified as ‘feminine,’ and those are going to be the qualities that turn this planet around!

I have always loved it (and it makes me smile) when the ‘underdog’ discovers their own strengths, and overcomes their oppressors with their own self-created games. Relating to these two points, something has appeared on my radar. American Catholic nuns are standing up against the Vatican. The Vatican has accused the American sisters of participating in or showing signs of ‘radical feminism,’ and straying from the church’s teachings. The Vatican believes, and accuses the American Catholic nuns of being more focused on social justices, equality, helping the sick, poor and needy rather than focusing on what they believe the ‘real issues’ are: opposing abortion, euthanasia, and same sex marriages. I am not Catholic, and I am a man; however, I find the nuns’ resistance to the Vatican not only perfect, I find this to be a sign of the times, and optimistic. I also say to all the sisters out there, “You go girls, stand by your man!”

As a nun takes her vows, she participates in an ancient Catholic ritual, symbolizing her marriage to Jesus. She publicly declares her commitment to her spiritual husband, Jesus Christ and his teachings. From my perspective, the majority of the work that I have seen from these women embody the teachings of their symbolic husband, but yet they are still being chastised by their male ‘superiors’ for doing the very things they have vowed to do. These nuns are being scrutinized, investigated and chastised by the Vatican. The nuns have stood up and said they do not, and will not accept this. They have also said that they realize who they are working with, and they will keep their ‘superiors’ in a constant state of dialogue and policy amendment. They realize that ‘protocol’ and ‘policy’ are very important to these men. Their plan is to keep them busy, talking, meeting, and writing new policies, meanwhile, they (the nuns) can keep on keeping on, doing what they believe to be the right thing to do! They are open about their approach, and they are demanding ‘transparency’ from the Vatican. Again, you go girls, stand by your man, THE man, Jesus Christ!

I am not a reporter, nor am I trying to report what is happening. Rather, I am filling you in on these highlights to make a point. Man/men have put systems into place that orchestrate, exemplify and maintain the power and control game of separation, disunity, and ‘me versus them’ mentality. From my perspective, the Vatican is just another symbol in the world, like our own government, that sustains those testosterone-based concepts. We as a human race are completely out of balance, and the state of affairs mirror that imbalance. Until society embraces the qualities that encompass the sacred feminine, such as compassion, understanding, loving and kind actions, we will continue to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. In whatever you do, and whatever obstacles you encounter, do as these nuns do: learn to play the game, and keep on keeping on spreading your light, love and awareness everywhere you go.

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