Don’t Judge The Process

As I was writing Remember…There Is A Big Picture!, I mentioned judging the process as it is unfolding. I knew as I was writing that it was worth a whole post, in and of itself; so here it goes…

We as a human race use judgment constantly; we use judgment on a daily basis. You use judgment as you are getting up, getting dressed, getting ready for work, and throughout your day. Judgment is not something you can get around; however, there is an aspect of judgment that does interfere with our spiritual maturity. I want to explain the difference between the two types of judgment, hoping that you will be able to see the difference, and catch yourself when you are about to participate with the other type of judgment, and STOP!

The dictionary defines judgment as “the ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions, an opinion or conclusion.” For example, as you are getting up and getting ready for work, you may look at the weather and ‘judge’ what you hear, to decide what you are going to wear that day. You may use judgment to decide what, or if, you are going to eat breakfast before you leave the house, or grab something on the way. When you get in the car, and the gas is low, you will use judgment to help you decide if you are going to get gas on the way to work, or decide if it can wait until you are heading home. This type of judgment happens constantly, and it can be quite beneficial.

Then there is the other type of judgment that is not beneficial to you or anyone. It is the type of judgment that thinks or says, “this should be or should not be.” This type of thinking (or this type of participation with that type of thinking) only creates an adversarial position between you and the thing that you are thinking about. It begins to create a power and control game between you and that object, thing, or thought process. Let’s break this down…

Making a considered decision or coming to a sensible conclusion or opinion moves us through life in a manner that often supports us; however, the other type of judgment only keeps us in a state of no awareness or a state of unconsciousness, which ultimately ushers us into a state of suffering. Whenever you are judging something in this manner it tells more about you than the object being judged. This type of judgment is in direct relation to your conditionings; it is in direct relation to what you have been taught to think or believe. You are running on an old, auto-pilot system that is governing how you are perceiving something or thinking about something. Just because you have been taught to believe something to be true, something worth judging, does not make it so.

I am going to use this as an example. I am very intentionally using this example, even in its absurdity, to make my point. Let’s say that you are shopping for groceries; you are going through the vegetable area and you come across broccoli. Broccoli is something you despise; you think there is not a redeeming quality about it. You hate the way it tastes, and you hate the texture. Do you walk past it not giving it any thought or do you stand there screaming, yelling, demeaning the broccoli? I think you know the answer (or at least I hope you do!).

If you are the type that would stand there screaming and yelling at the broccoli means that you have allowed the broccoli to become an adversary. Does your screaming have more to do with you, does it show your mentality, or does it give the world an accurate description of the broccoli? All it is doing is showing whomever is around something about you!

In my world, God does not judge!
In my world, everything is perfect! Yes, let me repeat. In my world, there is perfection; even if the mind does not understand it, comprehend it, or want it in my life. Sure, there are things the mind does not want or understand; but that being said, there is still perfection in everything and in each moment. Also, in my world, God does not judge! Therefore, if God does not judge, then what makes you think you know better, and gives you the right to judge?

I know there are still millions of people who believe that God does judge; there are millions that believe there will be a judgment day. If this is what they believe, fine! That too is perfect. Even if you are one of those people that believe that concept, God did not leave you in charge while he was taking a coffee break, and left you to judge. Get over yourself and let it go! (Now that I have gotten that off my chest, we can move onto the real stuff.)

If you are a person that follows the scriptures in the Bible, or the teachings of Jesus, then you know that there was never any mention of Jesus judging anyone. There are tons of scriptures that talk about his acceptance of all people, his love and care for all people, but not one mention of judgment. Yes, there is mention of Jesus being angry, and throwing the money changers out of the temple; but anger and judgment are two different things.

We are constantly applying human qualities to God, such as judgment, and this is where we get into trouble.

Love Your Neighbor As You Love Yourself.
That is something amazing to live by. The problem is that many people do not love themselves at all. They judge themselves, therefore there is judgment of others. They say, ‘I should not have this quality or that quality;’ therefore, that same type of judgment on others easily emanates from them.

So Where Does It Come From?
As I mentioned earlier in this post, judgment is a conditioned quality. It is not something that you find growing naturally in nature. You never see an animal judging another animal. You never see a oak tree judging a bamboo tree. In nature, there is survival of the fittest, but never judgment. Judgment is a quality that evolves out of the ego, out of the mind. It is based upon a ‘me versus them’ mentality. Judgment comes from being taught judgment. Judgment comes from being shown judgment. Judgment is something that keeps us separate, and does not allow us to live in the truth of Oneness.

So, Now We Have Been Taught To Judge, What Now?
Yes, you have been taught to judge, so now what? Those pathways in the mind have already been etched out, it may even be a habit. However, like any habit, it can be broken. When you see yourself about to judge, STOP! Remember that it says more about you than it does the object being judged. As you stop, you begin to create new pathways in the mind. As you begin to drop the ego struggle between you and the object being judged, you create new pathways in the mind. Becoming practiced in observing the mind allows you to see when you are about to judge. As you decide not to participate with the judgment, you create new pathways in the mind. Like any habit, it takes time and effort to break an old pattern, but it is so worth it. Besides, if you are one of those people that knows ‘what goes around, comes around,’ if you don’t want to be judged, you have to stop judging others. All of that being said, you can train yourself to stop judging. But the desire to stop has to come first; once that has occurred, then you have to begin to put the effort forward to stop the judgment.

Haven’t We Learned That Judgment Causes Wars?
If you are the type of person that wants more peace, or thinks that the world would be a better place if there were more peace; haven’t we learned that judgment is the beginning of all wars? It doesn’t matter if it is a war between nations, a war between two people, a war between religions, or the war inside yourself; all war comes from judgment. It is the adversarial role between two things as I mentioned earlier. And it has to stop somewhere! Let the judgment go. Begin to accept yourself, begin to accept others, even if you don’t understand their actions or their differences. Remember, judgment has more to do with you being the judge than it has to do with the quality being judged. Therefore, show yourself and the world that you are an accepting person. Show the world that you mind your own business. Show the world that you are a ‘live and let live’ kind of person. Show the world that you would rather love than judge.
I really hope this offers you awareness. I really hope that it offers you peace. And I hope that it helps shed some light on the dark recesses of your conditioned being!

Many Blessings and Namaste…
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