Why I Chose To Be A Life Coach

I want to share more about my own spiritual journey, and why I became a Life Coach. If you knew me when I was young, it might seem odd that I would choose this type of life and this type of work. I totally understand when people from my past have no ‘filing system’ in their mind for me as I am today. Sometimes it even seems odd to me, and other times, everything makes sense and it seems that everything fell into place quite naturally. That even makes me wonder if I really chose this or was it all just part of a greater plan. Who knows and who cares; it is what it is. I hope that through this post you will gain a greater understanding of who I am, and more significantly, the potential to see your own Godliness and the wonders of Existence through my story.

I am the youngest of four boys. I grew up in a rural community in Virginia. We were raised on the same farm that my great-grandfather started.  It was an incredibly large family and I was an oddity and one-of-a-kind in that large family. Along with other things, I was the only one that publically came out of the closest. Coming out of the womb saying that I wanted to be a hairdresser didn’t help much!

I could tell you many stories of abuse, but they are irrelevant. However, the emotional, physical and spiritual pain is relevant to this story. I was always into church until I realized what the church was saying about me and my sexual orientation. I grew up judged and ostracized; however, becoming a licensed hairdresser by the time I was seventeen saved my life. I finally found something that I was great at; it was profitable and it helped me find a community where I fit.

The day I turned nineteen, I awoke from a coma, paralyzed from spinal meningitis. This had a long term, damaging affect on my spine and physical body, which led me to look into modalities of healthcare in addition to western medicine. Also during this time, my mother (whom I was VERY close with) was diagnosed with cancer. Between my physical health and my anger with God about my own and my mother’s health, I started therapy. I luckily found therapists that were spiritual and believed that spirituality was a significant part of recovery. Since religion had been a large and significant part of childhood, I continued to reconcile my relationship with God through searching other forms of spirituality and religions. I found that there were people and spiritual practices that did accept me and what I perceived as my differences from the norm.

Young adulthood and therapy brought about much change inside of me. It changed how I looked at life, perceived life and maneuvered through life. Life was pretty damn good. I had a small but yet supportive ‘chosen family.’ I was making good money. I travelled extensively with my work, and was able to take nice vacations. It looked like everything was perfect but there was still so much emotional pain because of my past and it continued to affect me greatly. I wanted to know why. This question of why brought me to begin to study metaphysics, which led me to study Eastern Philosophies. Then I was introduced to another form of spirituality; I was introduced to meditation. I found that when I meditated, life was calmer, I was calmer, and the physical and emotional pain was greatly diminished.

Then an event took place in February 1998 that changed my life profoundly once again. The damage to my spine from the meningitis caused a disk to shatter and I found myself paralyzed and powerless once again. However, everything that I had studied previously began to make sense and I began to implement what I had been learning in new ways. After a six month recovery process, what once was the darkest time of my life now had become the most enlightening time of my life. This led me to go to India and study, which led me to leave the comfortable life that I had built for myself in the beauty industry.

I had realized that I had something to share with people. I wanted to share how I had gone through the pain of life and had come out on the other side, stronger, more confident, peaceful and closer to God than I had ever been. When I was leaving the beauty industry, people would ask me what I was going to do with the next phase of my life. I honestly did not know; all I could say was that I wanted to remain in the beauty industry, but this time I wanted to address natural, God-given, inner beauty rather than external, man-effected, outer beauty.

Through everything that I had studied, and my two ‘gurus,’ I found that every problem I had ever faced was because of the mind, its conditionings, and how the mind functions. These two teachers also had led me to find a God that was loving, accepting, and the realization that God (Existence) never makes mistakes; that there was perfection in everything!

This is almost beginning to sound like one of those ‘It’s Get Better’ campaigns, but that was not my intention. I realize that this is just a story of the past; but it is my desire that, as I share this story with you, you may come to some understanding and acceptance of the story of your own life. Each little piece of the story led me to the next piece and as the pieces began to fall into place, I found much peace. I want to share that peace with you. I want to share with you how I found the peace through acceptance of each piece of the past, and affirm to you that it is possible for you as well.

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Much love and namaste…

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