Other Services

Information on other services by Vedam:

Teaching/Speaking Engagements

Would you like to have Vedam speak to your group? Contact info@loveliveandlaugh.com to schedule Vedam to speak to your group about meditation, Oneness, spirituality, and using the mind to its fullest potential.

Visionary Readings
Having a reading can support you through a situation and answer many questions, however you must first understand that nothing is pre-destined. The person that is doing the reading for you simply aligns themselves with the ‘energy’ that is happening around you relating to a specific time or question. The reader then ‘reads’ that energy to answer your related question. Ultimately, you create your own future, whether that is done consciously or unconsciously. The reader can tell you the direction that you are heading as well as giving you options or ideas for changing the direction that you are currently heading.

Vedam uses the word “Visionary” because he will help you ‘see’ what you are doing, why you are doing it, and then what to do if you truly wish to change the direction that you are currently heading.

Each Visionary session begins with prayer; uniting with the angels and guides who works with the Pure Light of God as well as the messages from your own Soul. The Visionary session is done in reverence, respect, and with clear information based in spiritual truth of Oneness.

Visionary Sessions can be done in person as well as through a phone session and the fee is as follows.
20 Minute Visionary Session = $35.00
30 minute Visionary Session = $45.00
45 Minute Visionary Session = $60.00
60 Minute Visionary Session = $75.00

To schedule a reading, contact Vedam.

Natural Healthcare Courses

5th Dimension Usui Reiki & 5th Dimension Karuna Ki Reiki

Based upon the practices and philosophies of traditional Usui and Karuna Ki Reiki, 5th Dimension Reiki unites Reiki with the awareness that there is a natural intelligence to our bodies; that the body can and does regenerate itself. 5th Dimension Reiki places its focus upon optimal health, wellness and peace using solution oriented methods and “Reiki Energy.” This is a three part course and will assist you in any and all natural healthcare modalities.

The Energy Systems of the Body

This course explores information and meditations relating to the energy of the body, from the perspective known as the ‘Chakra System.’ The Chakra System is the most ancient point of view relating to the energy of the body and how it works; dating back to Sanskrit and the Ayurvedic System of Medicine. You will learn about the 7 main energy points of the body, their physical, emotional and spiritual purposes. You will learn about the effects of these energy points if they are under-active or over-active, as well as clearing and resetting these points for optimal health and growth.

To learn more about these courses and others available by Vedam, email info@loveliveandlaugh.com.

Ministerial Services

Weddings, Union Ceremonies and Handfastings

On this incredible day, you will want a service that celebrates you and your partner’s personality, spiritual beliefs and style. Whether it is a union that is celebrated legally, or a union that celebrates your love and commitment, you deserve someone who supports you, your partner and your lifestyle. As you begin to plan that day, contact Vedam for a complimentary consultation to discuss style, dates and pricing structure.


A Christening Service is a ceremony that celebrates the birth of a child. It honors the soul who has blessed us with its birth and presense, as well as acknowledges the parents and family into which the child was born. Vedam has created a ceremony that can be used or blended with traditional christenings.

Memorial Services

At the time of the death of your loved one, Vedam can assist and support you in having a day which is truly beautiful and honoring. As your beloved transitions through the evolution of life, Vedam can assist you in honoring their life and personality with respect and celebration. On an occasion that is often difficult, you can have a day that is filled with love!

If you’d like to talk to Vedam about ministerial services, contact Vedam.