“Step Away From The Vehicle”

It has been said “Let Go, and let God.” I personally like “Step away from the vehicle.”

Many times during a life coaching session, a client will speak about “I”, “me,” or “my.” After we have distilled down whatever it is they were referring to, they realize that the pronoun they were speaking about was nothing more than a mental concept they have about themselves.  During those sessions I begin to explain to them that the “you” that they consider to be them is nothing more than the mind, and the mind is just a collection of their conditionings. For some, it takes awhile to realize this or come to grips with this, but once they do, it begins to liberate them. They begin to see that there is an “I” there, but it is not the “I” that they once thought. They begin to see that the ‘real I’ is the omnipresent aspect of themselves; what some would call the Soul. As they begin to see this, they also begin to see the the body is just the vessel that moves them through life and the mind is a tool to use during life. They also begin to see the the real “I” does not judge, does not ridicule, does not demean, and does not suffer like the mind. Basically, they begin to see the mind, and it’s beliefs, have been the culprit for all of their so-called problems.

This goes on for a while until something happens that challenges the mind and its conditionings, and the person begins to suffer because they have forgotten the truth of who they are (they fall back into the old pattern of believing they are the mind). The ego comes to the forefront and makes itself known. It is during those times that I ask them to “Step away from the vehicle.” Basically that means to realize the mind is flared up about something, and to remember to withdraw your participation with it; to step away, get some distance from it! It is a reminder to observe the mind’s desire, the mind’s thought of need, or the mind’s reaction to something. And, mainly it is a reminder to let go, to submerse themselves into the flow of life and let it unfold.

This does not stop the mind’s activities, and sometimes the person jumps right back into the same ol’ mess they were in, but other times they do begin to see that there is another way of operating in, and with life. The more they practice this, the more they begin to see that ‘life’s unfoldings’ are always better than what the mind had concocted for them.

This may be the first time that you have ever been introduced to this, but give it a try. In my lifetime, I have never seen the mind come up with something that could surpass what the Universe had in store for me. So the next time you get caught up in something, just “STEP AWAY FROM THE VEHILE!


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